ToneDexter | Features


  • works on any acoustic instrument, with most active or passive piezo pickup systems
  • stores 22 custom WaveMaps, selectable via 11 position rotary switch and bank select switch
  • a mute switch that activates a built-in high precision tuner, accurate to within 1 cent
  • a boost switch for solos with 0-8dB of settable gain via rear panel pot
  • bass and treble EQ
  • a sweepable notch filter for feedback suppression
  • a character control which adds additional punch to the WaveMap
  • latency less than 1ms
  • an effects loop (TIP send, RING return)
  • 1/4″ pickup input, high impedance (1MΩ)
  • 1/4″ line output with output level pot on front panel
  • XLR DI output, with rear panel option switch for fixed level or level that follows output level pot
  • analog boost and mute circuits positioned after effects loop, so no headroom loss when boosting
  • XLR mic input with 48V phantom supply, used for training
  • headphone output
  • phase (polarity) switch on rear panel
  • +-15V internal supplies for professional headroom and dead quiet operation
  • SD card slot for field upgrade of software
  • 6.3″ W x 5.9″ D x 2.3″ H