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Firmware Downloads

Firmware Loading Instructions

  1. Download the zip file corresponding to the firmware version you want to install, and put it someplace convenient on your computer, such as the desktop.
  2. Click open or unzip the zip file to view its contents. It should include these three files:
    • app.bin
    • dsp.bin
    • “name”.txt (where “name” indicates the version)
  3. Don’t copy the zip file, extract or copy the three files to the root of the SD card. The card must be formatted as FAT32. It doesn’t matter if there are other files or directories on the card.
  4. Click open the SD card to verify the files are present.
  5. Power down your ToneDexter by unplugging the power supply from AC line power (rather than by unplugging the power jack on the back of ToneDexter).
  6. Push the SD card into the slot on the side of ToneDexter, with the card contacts facing down.
  7. Plug the power supply back into AC line power. When ToneDexter powers up, it looks for the presence of the SD card and reads the files.
  8. The display will show UPD, and soon after some moving dots to indicate the upgrade is in process. The process will finish automatically and then display the new code version, followed by either:
    • GEN (general release)
    • HGH (higher pitched instruments like violin, banjo, ukulele, etc
    • BAS (acoustic bass)
  9. Remove the SD card from the slot.

Additional Notes

  1. If you forget to remove the SD card before the next power up, it will unnecessarily go through the upgrade process again at the next power up, but there will be no harm done.
  2. If you accidentally lose power during the upgrade process, just start the process over and all will be well.


Firmware Release Change Log

Version 1.10 released May 23, 2017

Feature Enhancements

  • 22 WaveMaps – option A/B switch now functions as bank select for WaveMaps 1-11 or 12-22
  • Anti-feedback adjustment of WaveMaps improved to have less midrange boost and better level matching.
  • The mic path can now be auditioned right after the level setting phase of training, rather than having to wait for the complete training session.
  • Temporary display of boost level when adjusting Boost volume control.
  • Temporary display of character mode when adjusting Character control.
  • Separate HGH (high) code release for banjo, violin, uke, etc. with higher notch frequency range, otherwise the same as GEN (general) code.
  • Separate BAS (bass) code release for upright bass. EQ and notch ranges adjusted accordingly. Longer WaveMap length to accommodate lower frequencies.
  • Bass WaveMaps exists in separate memory locations and do not interfere with general WaveMaps, so they can coexist in the same box.
  • New feedback notch adjustment ranges:
    • HGH (high)     124 (B2) to 466 (A#4)
    • GEN (general) 73 (D2) to 392 (G4)
    • BAS (bass) 37 (D1) to 165 (E3)

Bug Fixes

  • Low level 10KHz noise occurs just when bypassing a slot containing a WaveMap.
  • When training from a slot with an existing WaveMap, the first time audition plays S, it plays new WaveMap rather than stored WaveMap. Next and subsequent times through it is correct.
  • In audition modes P and M which have EQ disabled, EQ lights were not turned off.
  • Intermittent temporary display of notch frequency when knob not fully CCW on some units.
  • Temporary display of EQ not working properly in TRAIN mode after training complete but before storing WaveMap.
  • Tapping BOOST switch occasionally gives double tap instead of single tap.
  • Adjusting Notch control before temporary EQ display times out causes decimal point from EQ to show in Notch display.


Firmware Downloads