ToneDexter | NAMM 2017 was a big success!

NAMM 2017 was a big success!

27 Jan NAMM 2017 was a big success!

We had great fun introducing the redesigned ToneDexter to lots of musicians, retailers, and distributors. As we expected, the demos were mind blowing; played through the 8 pairs of noise cancelling phones with an A/B switch for each station. It never failed that we’d see happy, lit up faces when auditioners switched to the ToneDexter processed sound, and an ugly face when switching back to the raw pickup sound.  

John Jorgenson used his ToneDexter Friday evening during his quintet’s concert at the DoubleTree hotel, sponsored by Shubb Capo and Saga Guitars. It sounded great.

Jeff Ross, Tim May, Tommy Davy, and many other very accomplished musicians stopped by the booth to play a little. We demo’d it to some audio industry legends with refined ears. As an acid test, we trained up several gypsy jazz guitars right there in the booth, through all the show floor noise, and got excellent results in minutes.

Last but not least, we collected quite a few more reservations for our limited first production run of 100 units, and there won’t be space for too much longer.


  • Dylan
    Posted at 03:52h, 06 February Reply

    Love the product guys and I can’t wait to get own… what are you thinking the going rate for the redesigned tone dexter will be?

    • James May
      Posted at 16:21h, 06 February Reply

      $399 direct

  • conrad schrenk
    Posted at 08:52h, 21 February Reply

    great product! how to order for europe?

    • James May
      Posted at 16:17h, 23 February Reply

      We are planning to sell in Europe in the near future, so stay tuned.

  • Steve Alan Taylor
    Posted at 04:17h, 06 November Reply

    I just purchased a Yamaha LL16D. I got it because of sound, looks at pricepoint.
    My only previous experience w accoustic amplification ( besides a Neuman KM84 closeup and U87 a few feet away in a hardwood reflective environment) was the Taylor Expression V1 which was the first time in 40 years I liked an accoustic guitar pickup live sound.
    My purchase decision completely disregarded the pickup sound. I have since viewed the SRT videos and intellectually liked the concept of sound emulation andWISHES IN YOUR EFFORTS sample playback as I perform at open mic venues where sound systems are usually limited and unknown beforehand.
    I now enjoy the creative thinking for your product and am very curious to hear on my guitar.
    Yamaha is disappointing in their SRT system uses installed preamp stuff wnd I refuse to cut. That said, I am planning to possibly install bridge plate contact pickups or small fondenser mic in case no preamp tested w my stock piezo UST sounds good to meto me, but perhaps would w better pickups.
    Finally (audience simultaneously breathes collective sigh of grateful relief and erupts in thunderous applause) I need to hear, compare side by side before I purchase ..
    .QUESTION???…any way to hear before possible purchase? OR, is there a return policy which would give me time to take and compare in major retail outlets?

    • James May
      Posted at 22:39h, 06 November Reply

      Thanks for your comments below.

      There is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so if it doesn’t work out for you, we’ll accept it back for a refund if in good shape. See our DEALERS page for a list of dealers where you might try and buy.

      Regarding choice of mics, we recommend small diaphragm condensers with flat response. Some examples are KM84, SM81, Line Audio CM3, Rode NT5, Slate ML-2 (soon to be available for $150, a great mic!).

      ToneDexter works great with sound board transducers as well as under saddle pickups, which have the highest feedback immunity.

  • Steve Alan Taylor
    Posted at 04:27h, 06 November Reply

    Sorry for comment length hut I rorgotvto ask…what mic iw used to train TR after purcyasex If mic is owned hyvnew owner, any recommendations for mic or type of mic to use for best resultw. I guess ai could alwaye rent high quality or reference mif and cable. Thank you tor info…Steve, Orange CA.

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