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23 Jan V1.30 firmware released

Version 1.30 released Jan 12, 2018 Feature Enhancements: Blend control. For newly created WaveMaps, character adjustments CH2, CH1, and CH0 are accessible in the right half of CHARACTER knob rotation. When operating in the left half of its rotation, the control allows blending 0% to 70%...

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24 May V1.10 firmware released

See the Firmware Downloads page for more details. 22 WaveMaps - option A/B switch now functions as bank select for WaveMaps 1-11 or 12-22 Anti-feedback adjustment of WaveMaps improved to have less midrange boost and better level matching. The mic signal can now be auditioned...

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27 Jan NAMM 2017 was a big success!

We had great fun introducing the redesigned ToneDexter to lots of musicians, retailers, and distributors. As we expected, the demos were mind blowing; played through the 8 pairs of noise cancelling phones with an A/B switch for each station. It never failed that we'd see...

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