ToneDexter | V1.10 firmware released

V1.10 firmware released

24 May V1.10 firmware released

See the Firmware Downloads page for more details.

  • 22 WaveMaps – option A/B switch now functions as bank select for WaveMaps 1-11 or 12-22
  • Anti-feedback adjustment of WaveMaps improved to have less midrange boost and better level matching.
  • The mic signal can now be auditioned right after the level setting phase of training, rather than having to wait for the complete training session.
  • Temporary display of boost level when adjusting Boost volume control.
  • Temporary display of character mode when adjusting Character control.
  • Separate HGH (high) code release for banjo, violin, uke, etc. with higher notch frequency range, otherwise the same as GEN (general) code.
  • Separate BAS (bass) code release for upright bass. EQ and notch ranges adjusted accordingly. Longer WaveMap length to accommodate lower frequencies.
  • Bass WaveMaps exist in separate memory locations and do not interfere with general WaveMaps, so they can coexist in the same box.
  • New feedback notch adjustment ranges:
    • HGH (high)     124 (B2) to 466 (A#4)
    • GEN (general) 73 (D2) to 392 (G4)
    • BAS (bass) 37 (D1) to 165 (E3)
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