ToneDexter | V1.30 firmware released

V1.30 firmware released

23 Jan V1.30 firmware released

Version 1.30 released Jan 12, 2018

Feature Enhancements:

  • Blend control. For newly created WaveMaps, character adjustments CH2, CH1, and CH0 are accessible in the right half of CHARACTER knob rotation. When operating in the left half of its rotation, the control allows blending 0% to 70% of the raw pickup signal with 100% to 30% of the WaveMap. The raw pickup signal is polarity and time aligned with the WaveMap so that no comb filtering or weirdness occurs. For existing (legacy) WaveMaps, the blend control works as before with CH0, CH1, CH2 spanning the full rotation range.
  • High (HGH) version code now designed for multi-instrumentalists. High bank slots 12-22 use EQ and notch params tailored for mandolin, violin, banjo, etc: low shelf starts at 250Hz, high shelf at 2KHz, notch range is 124 (B2) to 466 (A#4). Low bank slots 1-11 function the same a general (GEN) code: low shelf starts at 125Hz, high shelf at 2KHz, notch range is 73 (D2) to 392 (G4).
  • Bass (BAS) version tuner sensitivity greatly improved.
  • Level matching algorithm improved for better loudness match between WaveMaps and bypass.
  • Paste and Delete function completions now return the user to RUN mode, rather than MUTE/TUNE/EDIT mode. This seems more user friendly and is easier to explain.

Bug Fixes:

  • When boost knob adjusted, boost gain did not change until next BOOST activation
  • When training with slot 22 (which skips feedback corrections), there was an unintended 3dB drop in level at FREEZE transition.
  • Under rare conditions, WaveMap select control could be out of sync (off by one) with knob detent position.
  • Under rare conditions, when using feedback notch, it was possible to get into an in-between condition that caused the temporary display to continually retrigger.
  • When entering FREEZE mode during training, if CH0 or CH1 selected, extra clicking noise occurred.

Known Issues:

  • Turning the CHARACTER knob too fast causes the temp display to show a value that doesn’t reflect the actual setting. It has no impact on sound.
  • Under some conditions turning the CHARACTER causes an unintended very brief temporary display of Bxx. It has no impact on sound.
  • Turning the CHARACTER knob while in MUTE/TUNE mode causes an unintended temporary display of “CH2” upon returning to RUN mode, no matter what the actual CHARACTER mode is. It has no impact on sound.
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