ToneDexter II Above


ToneDexter II

Restores the
missing body sound
to an instrument’s
piezo pickup

Available Nov 2023

Audio Sprockets

ToneDexter II

Preliminary Product Information – Available Nov 2023
Product Specification Subject to Change

Introducing ToneDexter II

Due to a worldwide shortage of computer chips following an unprecedented demand due to Covid related supply issues, we have had to redesign ToneDexter. The orginal ToneDexters are no longer available.

The good news is that has allowed us to incorporate more powerful features, a new color screen, and improvements to ease of use.

However the ability to plug your pickup into ToneDexter II and the output to the PA or your acoustic instrument amp, select a WaveMap, to make your live pickup sound match your studio mic, remains the same.

ToneDexter II Development and Shipping Update

As you probably know from our recent posts, we are nearing completion of the new ToneDexter II. The extended capabilities are very exciting. However, we have hit a problem with one of the new components not meeting advertised spec and this has unfortunately delayed production of the boards and the software. Fortunately, we have devised and implemented an elegant solution, and are now moving full steam ahead.

With the logjam finally cleared, our latest estimate is that we will be able to ship Nov 2023. We will keep the website and our Facebook channel updated with progress.

Thanks for your patience, and apologies for not responding to the many scores of inquiries we’ve received

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ToneDexter II

Plug your pickup into ToneDexter and the output to the PA or your acoustic instrument amp, select a WaveMap sound and play. Your live pickup sound will match your studio mic.

There is a built in Tuner and a Boost switch for selecting extra gain for solos. You can EQ the sound and apply intelligent filtering to deal with any feedback issues.

It’s simple and it will change the way you play live.

ToneDexter II has the same training and WaveMap playing features as the original ToneDexter so Molly and Doug’s videos are still relevant.

ToneDexter II Features

ToneDexter II is compatible with all stringed instruments using piezo pickups.

Stringed Instruments
Features New to ToneDexter II
  • Color screen, context sensitive controls and labels
  • All parameters can be stored and fully recalled in 32 available presets, including all input and output levels
  • Firmware upgrade and Preset management via USB
  • Support for stereo and dual source pickups with switchable 9V mic bias on Ring
  • Enhanced EQ controls adds parametric mid boost/cut and high-pass, along with low and high shelf/bell
  • Stereo capable Effects Loop with separate Send and Receive jacks
  • Headphone output can also be used as a stereo line output
Features Common to Original ToneDexter
  • Works on any acoustic instrument, with most active or passive piezo pickup systems
  • Mute switch that activates a built-in high precision tuner, accurate to within 1 cent
  • Boost switch for solos with 0-8dB extra gain
  • Character control adds additional punch to the WaveMap
  • Latency less than 1ms
  • 1/4″ pickup input, 1MΩ (or 10MΩ with cable mod)
  • 1/4″ line output with output level control
  • XLR DI output with output level control
  • Analog boost and mute circuits positioned after effects loop, so no headroom loss when boosting
  • XLR mic input with 48V phantom power
  • +/-15V internal supplies for professional headroom and dead quiet operation
  • 6.3″ (160mm) W x 5.9″ (150mm) D x 2.3″ (58mm) H
  • 2.0 lbs (.907 kg)
John Jorgensen Guitar
Joe Kye Violin
Joe Kye Violin

ToneDexter II Controls and Connections

Features shown are preliminary and are subject to change as we finalize product and software testing.

ToneDexter II Front Panel Features
ToneDexter II Rear Panel Features
ToneDexter II Live Connectivity
ToneDexter Playing and How To Videos

These videos show the original ToneDexter. ToneDexter II has similar training, playing and sound quality features.

How ToneDexter Works

Start by plugging in both a mic and your pickup into ToneDexter. Play your instrument for two minutes while ToneDexter builds a WaveMap to make your pickup sound like your mic. Then store the sound into one of 22 WaveMap locations in ToneDexter. Once you have it, you no longer need the mic.

You can store WaveMaps of different mic positions to give you a selection of sounds when you play.

ToneDexter Mic Setup