ToneDexter II Above Cropped Square


ToneDexter II

Restores the
missing body sound
to an instrument’s
piezo pickup

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ToneDexter II

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Introducing ToneDexter II

ToneDexter II is an innovative professional grade preamp that improves the sound of an acoustic instrument pickup. It can learn the difference between how an instrument sounds through a microphone and how it sounds through its pickup. Using proprietary WaveMap® technology, it corrects the pickup so that it sounds like the mic.

ToneDexter II
ToneDexter II Now Shipping

V2.3 Software Update for ToneDexter II

Several updates including:

  • Importing 3rd party Impulse Responses and Legacy ToneDexter WaveMaps
  • New Tuner display option
  • Expanded output routing
  • Advanced System Configuration page
  • and more…
ToneDexter II V2.3 Software Release
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Here is Sweetwater’s ToneDexter II Video showing all the main features of ToneDexter II.

These videos from Molly and Doug show the original ToneDexter, but the general principles are the same with ToneDexter II, now with simpler training and enhanced WaveMap quality and control.