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Get Complete Control with ToneDexter V2 Software Update

ToneDexter Variable Feedback FilterUpdate to the latest version of V2 software here (called firmware as it resides in ToneDexter). New features and changes include:

  • All new WaveMaps now include the complete miked sound (previously only WaveMaps created in slot 22, all others had automatic feedback suppression included in the WaveMap)
  • The new ‘Notch’ control now features a variable mitigation filter that intelligently prevents feedback by reducing the resonant peaks
  • Existing WaveMaps will continue to function as they always have
  • Significant and noticeable improvements in the quality of the WaveMap produced. It is smoother and even more natural sounding

ToneDexter Live YouTube Event with Audio Sprockets’ James May

Impulse Responses for Acoustic Instruments
Aaron Short interviews James May

Audio Sprockets’ founder, James May, discusses Impulse Responses for acoustic and electric instruments, ToneDexter, live acoustic sound, and pickups with Aaron Short.

This extended interview has been segmented into 19 shorter topics available on a YouTube Audio Sprockets’ Playlist. Also on our Video Page.




ToneDexter®, from Audio Sprockets, is an amazing new pro preamp for acoustic guitar, violin, upright bass, mandolin and more, that restores the missing body sound to an instrument’s piezo pickup.

ToneDexter stores WaveMaps® of your studio mic sound that you can recall when using just your pickup. The WaveMaps transform the pickup signal so that it sounds like a mic—lush, resonant, and natural. You can store WaveMaps of different mic positions and different mics, for each of your instruments.



Uwe Kruger“The ToneDexter is a true game changer in my opinion”

Peter Frampton – “From the first listen, it’s easy to hear that ToneDexter is amazing!”

Thomm Jutz – “Finally I feel like I’m playing a real acoustic guitar onstage. There’s absolutely no going back for me.”

Jason Bailey – “I didn’t realize how much I needed the ToneDexter until I got one. Wow!”

Paul Jacob Cartwright – “I can say with no exaggeration that the ToneDexter is the single most important purchase I’ve ever made for live acoustic amplification of my violin, guitar and mandolin.”

Uwe Kruger
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Downloadable Free WaveMaps

WaveMaps available for Yamaha SLG200 Silent Guitars, Fender & Gibson Style Electrics

We have decided to create free WaveMap sets designed to be used with specific solid and thin body instruments that we have studied in the lab. This way we know that the sounds you will experience will be satisfying.

ToneDexter James May Electric Guitar Video

WaveMaps for Electric Violins and Cellos

WaveMaps available for Yamaha or NS Design violins and cellos

Jacob Szekely and Luis Mascaro of ‘The Pickup Test‘ and ‘Electric String Player‘ YouTube channel, collaborated with ToneDexter to create custom WaveMaps for Yamaha or NS Design violins and cellos.

Luis Mascaro