ToneDexter II Above Cropped Square


ToneDexter II

Restores the
missing body sound
to an instrument’s
piezo pickup

& TapDexter

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ToneDexter II & TapDexter

from Audio Sprockets

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Introducing ToneDexter II

ToneDexter II is an innovative professional grade preamp that uses proprietary WaveMap® technology, and sophisticated tone shaping controls, to correct a stringed instrument’s piezo pickup so that it sounds like a mic in a live and recording environment.

ToneDexter II

New – TapDexter for ToneDexter II

Dual Momentary Footswitch that adds extra convenience and flexibility to your ToneDexter II

Introducing TapDexter for ToneDexter II
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ToneDexter Videos

These two videos from Doug Young show how he demonstrated Training with the original ToneDexter (the principles are the same as the new ToneDexter II which has faster and richer WaveMap creation). In his newest video he shows how ToneDexter II can be used to modify the sound of the WaveMap for live gigs. 

Molly Tuttle demos the original ToneDexter at Vintage Guitars in Nashville.

Sweetwater’s ToneDexter II Video showing main features of ToneDexter II.