ToneDexter II and TapDexter
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TapDexter for ToneDexter II

Dual Momentary Footswitch
Adds extra convenience and flexibility to your ToneDexter II

Scroll up and down through WaveMap presets, or duplicate the Mute and Boost functions to allow ToneDexter II to be located away from the stage floor.


  • Uses propriety optical switch technology which will not wear out
  • Connects using a standard TRS cable for both power and switching
  • No battery or external power source required
  • Compact, pedal board friendly
  • Rugged enclosure with 4 rubber feet for maximum stability
  • Dimensions: 3.9″ (100mm) L x 1.6″ (40mm) W x 1.8″ (46m) H

TapDexter only works with ToneDexter II and is not compatible with other devices.


Shop for ToneDexter II & TapDexter (Prices are for US & Canada direct purchases and shipping from Audio Sprockets)

  • ToneDexter: $599 + $18 shipping US & Canada only
  • TapDexter: $79 inc free shipping US & Canada only
  • ToneDexter II & TapDexter Bundle: $659 +$18 shipping US & Canada only
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ToneDexter II and TapDexter
TapDexter Rear
TapDexter Front