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ToneDexter Videos

These two videos from Molly Tuttle and Doug Young and the demo videos from UK’s Andertons Music and US Sweetwater serve as a great introduction to ToneDexter.

ToneDexter Live YouTube Event with Audio Sprocket’s James May

Impulse Responses for Acoustic Instruments
Aaron Short interviews James May

Audio Sprocket’s founder, James May, discusses Impulse Responses for acoustic and electric instruments, ToneDexter, live acoustic sound, and pickups with Aaron Short. The extended interview has been segmented into 19 shorter topics. Click on the video arrows to see previous or next video clip.

ToneDexter James May Videos

A selection of videos from ToneDexter founder James May showing ToneDexter features, examples of different guitars and a video covering how to train ToneDexter with your instrument and mic setups to produce your own set of WaveMaps.

ToneDexter Reviews, Demos, ToneDexter/Pickup Comparisons

Several video reviews and demos of ToneDexter – see what the press and artist blogs have to say…