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ToneDexter II Videos

How to Train Your ToneDexter II

Josh Bennett shows how ToneDexter II preamp can ‘learn’ the sound of your guitar, or any stringed instrument, and apply that sound to its piezo pickup for live performance by creating a WaveMap®. Josh illustrate examples with a guitar, mandolin and violin.

Doug Young & Tone Shaping with ToneDexter II

Guitarist Doug Young shows how ToneDexter II can be used to modify the sound of the WaveMap for live gigs. 

Sweetwater’s ToneDexter II Feature Video

Here is Sweetwater’s ToneDexter II Video showing all the main features of ToneDexter II.

ToneDexter II Video with James May

The Ultimate Guide (what every bowed string player needs to know)

A deep dive into what may be the most game-changing product for amplified violin, viola, and cello players in a really long time. In this epic conversation with ToneDexter founder James May, Jacob teases out all the amazing features that bowed string players will want to know about and even some chestnuts of new features coming very soon in software updates.

Legacy ToneDexter Videos

ToneDexter II includes many of the same principles as the original ToneDexter so these videos are still relevant.

These two videos from Molly Tuttle and Doug Young and the demo videos from UK’s Andertons Music and US Sweetwater serve as a great introduction to ToneDexter.

ToneDexter Live YouTube Event with Audio Sprocket’s James May

Impulse Responses for Acoustic Instruments
Aaron Short interviews James May

Audio Sprocket’s founder, James May, discusses Impulse Responses for acoustic and electric instruments, ToneDexter, live acoustic sound, and pickups with Aaron Short. The extended interview has been segmented into 19 shorter topics. Click on the video arrows to see previous or next video clip.

ToneDexter James May Videos

A selection of videos from ToneDexter founder James May showing ToneDexter features, examples of different guitars and a video covering how to train ToneDexter with your instrument and mic setups to produce your own set of WaveMaps.

ToneDexter Reviews, Demos, ToneDexter/Pickup Comparisons

Several video reviews and demos of ToneDexter – see what the press and artist blogs have to say…