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ToneDexter Videos

These two videos from Molly Tuttle and Doug Young and the demo videos from UK’s Andertons Music and US Sweetwater serve as a great introduction to ToneDexter.

ToneDexter James May Videos

A selection of videos from ToneDexter founder James May showing ToneDexter features, examples of different guitars and a video covering how to train ToneDexter with your instrument and mic setups to produce your own set of WaveMaps.

ToneDexter Reviews, Demos, ToneDexter/Pickup Comparisons

Several video reviews and demos of ToneDexter – see what the press and artist blogs have to say…

ToneDexter WaveMaps for Electric and Solid Body Guitars and Violins

Since solid body and electric instruments have no mic sound that you can use to build WaveMaps, we have produced WaveMaps specifically for the Yamaha SLG200 Nylon and Steel string solid body guitars as well as Fender and Gibson style electric guitars.

Jacob Szekely and Luis Mascaro of ‘The Pickup Test‘ and ‘Electric String Player‘ YouTube channel, collaborated with ToneDexter to create custom WaveMaps for Yamaha or NS Design violins and cellos. These WaveMap sets are available to purchase from The Pickup Test website.