ToneDexter II Support

ToneDexter II Software Updates

Check out pages 18-20 of the User Guide for Installation instructions. Current version of software in your ToneDexter II shows on the screen when it is first switched on.

The software download files are inside .zip folders for practical reasons. The file within must be extracted before it can be used.

Latest Version

Mac users please note that there are issues with the Safari browser for web management from the URL 
As a result, V1.0 and V1.1 WaveMap and software management functions do not work properly with it. Please use Chrome instead. V1.2 and later versions will work properly with Safari.

V1.1 (Jan 13, 2024) ToneDexter2_V1.1.bin

V1.1 Recovery Software See FAQ ‘The software update failed – the screen went black. Help!’

Release Notes V1.1 Jan 2024

New Features

  • EQ Curves. All EQ and Tone Shaping parameters now have graphical representations on the screen. Move from one band to the next directly using the top left knob.
  • Page Timeout can be adjusted up to 10 seconds (or turned off altogether) from the System Config page.
  • IR Display. System Config page has an option to Show or Hide (default) the IR on the Main Page.
  • Phones/Aux Out can be muted during Tuning.
  • Extra on-screen help for Training.

Performance Improvements

  • Buttons more responsive.
  • Web Interface handles copy and move requests faster.
  • Deleting WaveMaps handled faster.
  • Training less susceptible to unwanted frequency peak manifesting as ringing sound.
  • Occasional small audible click in playback eliminated.
  • Power-up popping sound greatly reduced.
  • Soft signal muting into and out of Mute eliminates possible clicks if signal present during transitions.
  • Other minor stability and performance improvements.

Changed Behavior

  • Select which parameter (Anti-Feedback, Spaciousness or Notch) shows on the Main Page by tapping on them on the Tone Shaping page.
  • After training, if no unused slots are available, it will default to the first “Used” slot (shown in blue – parameters changed but no trained WaveMap yet).
  • Unused Mic channel removed from Inputs page.
  • WaveMap Move and Copy are now accessible from the one page.
  • Selecting Footscroll for external switches disables Footscroll mode for Mute and Boost footswitches (holding Boost works the same as tapping to toggle the boost function).

Bug Fixes

  • Saving changes to baseline for slots with no WaveMap will not make the slot show as empty.
  • Web Interface not responding correctly with some later versions of Safari.
  • Tuner Reference Frequency (in global settings) wasn’t being properly referenced.
Release Notes V1.0 Dec 2023

Known Issues

  • On web Manage WaveMaps page, saving changes to a blue preset results in it going gray unintentionally. The Delete and Copy options disappear. However, all is not lost – making a change on the ToneDexter itself restores the color and lost options.
  • Global tuner reference option not affecting the tuner. It is fixed at 440Hz.

Older Software Version Downloads

Software V1.0 - Dec 6th 2023

V1.0 (Dec 6 2023) ToneDexter2_V1.0.bin

V1.0 Recovery Software See FAQ ‘The software update failed – the screen went black. Help!’

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