Solid Body Electric Violin & Cello WaveMaps
from ‘The Pickup Test’

For Legacy ToneDexter


WaveMaps for Electric Violins and Cellos

As you know, Audio Sprockets’ ToneDexter Preamp is able to learn the difference between the sound coming from the pickup, and the sound coming from a microphone placed in front of the instrument. It uses that information to create a transformation preset called a WaveMap. When you playback using that WaveMap, it makes your piezo pickup sound like your instrument does in the studio—miked.

Because you can’t mic an electric instrument, it’s been impossible to create WaveMaps specifically for your solid body electric violin or cello… UNTIL NOW!

Jacob Szekely and Luis Mascaro of ‘The Pickup Test‘ and ‘Electric String Player‘ YouTube channel, collaborated with ToneDexter inventor and founder James May to create custom WaveMaps for Yamaha or NS Design violins and cellos. These WaveMap sets are available to purchase from The Pickup Test website.

The Pickup Test site now has ToneDexter WaveMaps available for both electric violins and cellos, the new cello WaveMaps were added in July 2021.

Check out the videos to learn more about this process and to hear samples for yourself!

Silent Violins and ToneDexter
Silent Cellos & ToneDexter

Introducing ToneDexter WaveMaps for Electric Violins

Jacob Szekely of ‘The Pickup Test’ and ‘Electric String Player’ YouTube channel explains the basics about their new WaveMap Libraries for Electric Violin and what makes them such a game-changer.

These exclusive WaveMap Libraries were developed specifically for ToneDexter in conjunction with Audio Sprockets’ founder James May. They capture the sound of an Italian violin miked in a great studio with several world-class microphones from Neumann, AEA, Manley and more!

Three libraries are available for the NS, Yamaha SV250 & SV255, and Yamaha YEV violins.

You do not have to be a member of ‘The Pickup Test‘ to purchase these libraries.

ToneDexter WaveMaps Now Available for Electric Cellos

The ‘The Pickup Test‘ have now added two new ToneDexter WaveMap libraries for electric cellos, one for the NS Design CR and WAV Series, a second for the Yamaha SVC 110 and the SVC 210.

You do not have to be a member of ‘The Pickup Test‘ to purchase these libraries.

Electric Violin Wavemap Examples with Silent Violins

Hear the difference for yourself as these violinists play first through their pickup and then through the pickup modified by ToneDexter loaded with new silent violin WaveMaps from The Pickup Test. Their new WaveMap library for the Yamaha SV 250, and YEV, as well as The NS WAV and CR series electric violins, is a total game changer!

What Pro Electric Violinists Are Saying About the New Wavemap Library

Hear from violinists Zach Brock (Snarky Puppy), Leah Zeger (Hans Zimmer), Luis Mascaro, and Jesus Florido (Page/Plant) about how this library has changed the game for Yamaha and NS Design players.

Go to to learn more!

3 Tonedexter Tips for Violin, Cello, and Viola

In this tutorial video, Jacob shares his top three ToneDexter tips for electric or amplified violin, viola and cello players looking to get the best possible sound from this amazing preamp pedal. This video will help you troubleshoot noise issues and teach you creative ways to optimize the unit for live performance.

ToneDexter Video – How to Archive and Upload WaveMaps

This video shows how to install the WaveMap sets that we have posted on our Yamaha Silent Guitar page, and these WaveMaps for electric violins. In this example we show how to install the WaveMaps for the Yamaha SLG200N Silent Nylon String Guitar. Install is similar for all the other sets that we have made available.

Transfer WaveMaps

Check out the process for backing up your current WaveMaps and for transferring in new WaveMaps that you download. Remember that you need to rename the WaveMaps with numeric names such as 01.WM or 12.WM and put them in the WRITE folder in order to get them to load. It is good practice to save the download maps, then copy and rename them as appropriate.

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