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New Features for ToneDexter Acoustic Stringed Instrument Preamp that Restores the Missing Body Sound to a Piezo Pickup

Version 1.4 software update adds ability to transfer WaveMaps in and out of ToneDexter, plus improvements to Bass EQ and the built-in tuner

Press Release – Nevada City, CA August 2018 – ToneDexter is an innovative professional grade preamp that improves the sound of an acoustic instrument pickup. It can learn the difference between how an instrument sounds through a microphone and how it sounds through a pickup, and correct the pickup sound so it sounds more like a mic, using patented WaveMap® technology. Store different mic positions, different mics and different instrument WaveMap sounds for easy recall, plus ToneDexter includes features for reducing feedback in live situations.

ToneDexter comes with (GEN) firmware (software that runs and resides in ToneDexter) optimized for Guitar, Dobro, Viola, Cello, Bazouki, Mandola, Mandocello, Baritone Guitar. Separate versions of software are available for (HGH) higher pitched instruments like Violin, Mandolin, Banjo and Ukulele, and (BAS), a version optimized for Upright Bass.

The latest version (v1.4) of ToneDexter software (firmware) features several enhancements including:

  • Transfer WaveMaps in and out of ToneDexter via an SD card for backup to a PC and allowing users to train and save different sets of WaveMaps for different instruments, mic positions and mics.
  • Bass EQ control is now a variable high-pass filter when cutting. When boosting, the response is a low shelf, the same as before. Appropriate ranges are selected for all version: BAS, GEN, and HGH.
  • Improved tuner sensitivity and stability

The new WaveMap transfer features mean you can save the current set of WaveMaps in ToneDexter to an SD card, for example as a backup, and save them to your computer. Then train a new set of WaveMaps in ToneDexter and save them to an SD card. Use a second card, one for each set of WaveMaps, or use a single SD card just for transfer, saving each set to your computer. You can also rename the WaveMaps, either on the SD card or on your computer, so you can remember what each one was trained with (mic/position/guitar/pickup etc).

Audio Sprockets was founded to solve a problem that every acoustic instrument player has on stage—how to get a great sound out of a piezo pickup. Any one who has performed with an instrument mic knows the limitations and constraints, but before ToneDexter it was only a choice between the thin sound of a pickup and the problems and limitations of using a mic. Now, thanks to the Audio Sprockets team, you can have the convenience of a pickup with the rich sound of a studio mic.